B i o g r a p h y

David Noone is an Irish writer born beneath a Dublin sky on a Friday night in June. At 14 he was first admitted for what would become a continuous series of psychiatric hospital admissions to receive treatment for Recurrent Depressive Disorder consequently receiving a secondary diagnosis of Schizoid Personality Disorder. Despite this, he began his professional writing career one year later as a music journalist for the regional arts revue Stage Left as well as contributing other non-music related articles to a number of  regional newspapers. Noone, having little access to formal education within the confines of the hospital,  immersed himself in the works of Poe, Camus, Baudelaire, and Rimbaud whilst listening to the music of The Virgin Prunes, Throbbing Gristle,  and The Birthday Party.  

He continued working in and around the arts world until the end of his 20s including acting as front of house in the Focus Theatre to serving drinks at various art galleries throughout the city. Over the course of this period Noone had several poems published in a number of literary journals and acted as lead singer and songwriter for his bands Poppy and David Noone and The Night Porters as well as touring Britain and Ireland with his solo show David Noone sings Nick Cave.

Though mostly retired from performance he is still known to take the stage from time to time. 

He shares a small house, hidden beneath the shadows of obscurantism, with a grimalkin who knows more than she's willing to say

His first novel, Saint of the City, is published by Murder Slim Press